Screening: Aida Ruilova and Robert Longo

My next ART SEEN screening presents five films (including Goner) by Aida Ruilova and Robert Longo’s rarely screened Arena Brains (1987). A consideration of how space and architecture (urban, domestic) can effect us. Get tickets!


One thought on “Screening: Aida Ruilova and Robert Longo

  1. The Cracked Eggs Interdisciplinary ensemble will be performing their new piece The Metaphysical Mechanic with a visual art show by the same title. The performance will be Saturday May h at 6:30PM at The Roadside Attraction gallery located at 69197 29 Palms Highway (near Indian Cove). There is no cost for admission but we recommend you buy a visual piece to help The Cracked Eggs or make a donation to their sponsor Bezerk Productions. The Metaphysical Mechanic explores the supernatural and magical elements of working in a garage. The head mechanic of the garage finds a sweet potato that has psychic powers. The cook comes on stage mixing up bats and a live Imoo (a bird). When he comes off stage on comes the Valley Girl who is all mixed up about how she should make a living. Then enters the freak complete with a third eye and psychic powers of his own he could be mistaken for a homeless person. The Psycho Waitress comes up serving spaghetti with bolts and nuts and oil for the drink. Alas! The king has a breakdown in his Rolls Royce and is saved by the Mechanic and her assistant. The Sweet Potato solves his problem of an early divorce and he goes on his merry way. The Psycho waitress has a problem of her boyfriend being dead in her car and in the end the Sweet Potato saves all. That s all we can tell you for now because the piece is still being developed.

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