TGWKTM Receives Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Initiative

The Girl Who Knew Too Much has been awarded a 2012 Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Initiative grant. I am extremely grateful and honored for their support.

“Taking the horror film as our guide we can and should begin to rethink the nature of ‘influence’ and ‘imitation’ and the meaning of ‘genre’ and ‘formula’ in contemporary popular culture – in so doing we inevitably rethink our own understanding of horror as well” – Gregory Waller

I set the tone to this blog when I included the above quote by Gregory Waller in one of my very first posts in 2010 and I find this statement to still embody my mission. Aiding in the ability to travel to meet artists, filmmakers, scholars, and curators, the Arts Writers grant will undoubtedly assist me in furthering my obsessive research, writing, and exhibition making as well as provide me with the opportunity to have the technological means to do the savvy online things I’ve always wanted to do. It will also foster a new avenue of interest for me: the role of architecture in horror film and contemporary art. 
I hope that you’ll continue (or start) to read The Girl Who Knew Too Much as I go on this journey exploring the unknown…

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