Sean Higgins Interview

HIGGINS-images“The biggest influences on my work in the beginning weren’t necessarily other artists. It was Tarkovskiy films and Alphaville. I was always more interested in that in terms of influence of subject matter.”

Sean Higgins’ work appears to be photographs of the natural world – land, seascapes, space, explosions – but they function as hermetic spaces of unknown origin, depopulated vistas. Higgins’ practice destabilizes source photographic imagery through technological and handcrafted interventions. These particular works, titled after Joy Division songs, embody the exhibition’s idea of collapsed spaces with pools of endless blackness.  

Sean Higgins, a Los Angeles-based artist who is included in my upcoming exhibition about post-apocalyptic voids is interviewed in LA, I’m Yours. Includes great studio shots. Enjoy the blackness…

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