Vincent Price on Art

I’m currently reading Vincent Price’s I Like What I Know, a Visual Autobiography (1969) and the horror legend has some incredibly quotable thoughts on art. Price, an avid art enthusiast, has been both a dealer and a collector. In this book he charmingly details his passion for art and it’s truly contagious:

“…it came to me that I was not going to be blessed with creative genius, and it may also have been at this moment that I made up my mind that, as long as this was true, I had darn well better compensate for it by becoming the most receptive human being I could become. I knew for sure that I liked art, and I’d better know everything I could about what I liked. I became an audience, then and there, for the drama of the eye. And once you accept that fact, it is almost impossible to be bored with life. You have a built-in recipe for the cure of that most dread disease: boredom…the living death. All you have to do is open your eyes.” (Page 65)