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October art reviews on the Modernist

Oscar Tuazon on the Modernist: Oscar Tuazon’s solo exhibition Sex contains a body of work that re-purposes the functionality of once operational objects into, well, something else. In some ways the work is destroyed, its original intention thwarted. But mainly, Tuazon’s intervention and de-construction of things like his bed, a mirror, and photographs establish a new meaning for these objects…

Move: Choreographing You on the Modernist: The Hayward Gallery’s Move: Choreographing You delivers exactly what the title promises – the audience becomes the players, moving in, on, around, and through a myriad of (mostly) participatory artworks. The traditional relationship between the performers and the audience completely collapses as our hands-on experience not only takes center stage but also quite literally activates the work…

‘Made in China: Ai Wei Wei at Tate Modern’ on the Modernst: The week of art insanity that invariably surrounds the Frieze Art Fair began by walking through a sea of sunflower seeds for Tate Modern’s latest commission in The Unilever Series, Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky’s review of Survival of the Dead

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky’s review of George Romero’s Survival of the Dead. The first paragraph is beautiful:

Romero’s horror set-ups are never about the terrifying situation and always about the trouble the characters get into by trying to solve it or escape it; if Carpenter’s horror is based on inevitability / powerlessness in the face of true horror (meaning: the value of horror in defining human limitations), Romero’s is based on how easily complications could have been averted by someone with a different personality or with fewer prejudices (meaning: the value of horror in defining human shortcomings). Therefore, it is impossible to separate Romero’s situations from his characters (see also: Season of the WitchKnightriders), and so it wouldn’t really be right to call Survival of the Dead a movie about an island full of zombies; it is, in Romero tradition, a movie about a group of hard-headed individuals and how this island of zombies they come upon is organized, ruled and dealt with.