Profondo Rosso

While I was in Rome last week I had the opportunity to visit Profondo Rosso, a store that features the Dario Argento Horror Museum below. It’s full of monster and alien fun (t-shirts, skulls, dolls) but, most importantly, it houses a great collection of books including a self-published series. I picked up my much coveted ‘Mario Bava: I Mille Volti Della Paura’ and, even though it’s in Italian I’m going to try my hardest to read it. Seems as if any book on Bava, besides the mega book, is in variety of languages, none of them english.

Anyway, the museum itself is full of props from Dario Argento films (like Terror at the Opera), horror oddities, trippy Argento paintings, and a misplaced alien autopsy scene with books that also acts as a book storage space. Narrated by an automatic audio (heavy Italian accent in English). Not so creepy or educational but a fantastic experience just the same.

Highlight of the trip: the signed movie poster from ‘The Bat’ by Vincent Price whom the owner said, ‘oh, Vinnie?’ Sigh.